Looking for an Associate Professor/Professor in Digital History

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My university is looking for an Associate Professor/Professor in Digital History. Thanks to René Leboutte and the CVCE, the Digital Humanities had been present in Luxembourg for some years. After the successful DHLU Symposium 2012 and THATCamp Luxembourg/Trier, our history department argued that it would important to be active on this new research field. I think that we are the first university on the continent that offers a chair in Digital History and I am very proud of it. The job description reads as follow:

The Assistant Professor/Professor will be expected to undertake research focused on Digital History from different perspectives notably to act as an intermediary between new technologies and humanities and / or by analysing of the uses made of new digital tools for history (archives, narratives…). He/she should also help to identify and promote good practices in Digital Humanities and contribute to the planned development of digital infrastructures for research.

The Assistant Professor/Professor’s research programme should complement and further develop existing research strengths within the Laboratoire d’Histoire. The successful candidate will have proven research expertise in one or more major areas of Digital History and Modern History (15th – 20th century).

The Assistant Professor/Professor will further have the opportunity to participate in wider interdisciplinary research projects in IPSE, notably in the field of European Studies as well as in Luxembourg Studies.

The Professor’s teaching obligations will be in the Bachelor en Cultures Européennes (BCE) and in the Master in European Contemporary History (MAHEC). Beyond the development of her/his own teaching within the programme, the successful candidate may be asked to assume specific administrative responsibilities in cooperation with the Course Directors of the BCE and the MAHEC. At Master level, he/she will develop the “digital environment” of the programme. At the Bachelor level, he/she will offer lectures and seminars in Modern European history, and will develop the use of new media and technology in the presentation and/or teaching of history. He/she may also be asked to contribute to other cognate programmes e.g. the forthcoming doctoral school.

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Benoit Majerus

Since January 2011, I am working as Associate Professor at the University of Luxembourg. I have written my PhD on the occupation of Belgium during World War One and World Two. In 2013 I published a history of psychiatry in the 20th century from below. I am also co-editor of h-madness.

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