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Making a blog with students

The Master in European Contemporary History at the University of Luxembourg gets a “digital” touch. There is a new logo “(De)coding Europe” indicating the aim to de- and reconstruct the narratives on European history, a logo with a little hint to the question of programming. There will probably be an Associate Professor/Professor in Digital History next year. And there is since 2011/2012 a course called Digital Humanities, which will be taught next year by Frédéric Clavert. This year I tried to give the students some notions on this topic by creating a blog, dedicated to the history of Europe. Since today, h-europe is public. The hope is that the students from this Master will review books1 and web pages, announce conferences, present recent number of journals dedicated to the European history, prepare bibliographies on specific themes and publish them on Zotero.

(Un)surprisingly, none of the students had ever managed a blog before and so I had to spend far more time than initially planned on teaching very fundamental staff such as introducing a hyperlink in a text2. Most of them did not know how to follow a journal electronically (RSS-feed, email…). And some still don’t think that such an exercise is necessary for historians.

Today I am quite curious if we succeed in assuring regular posting – at the moment we have enough material to publish a weekly post till october – and if the blog gets a readership. So have a look at h-europe today and tell us what you think about it.

  1.   The following books will be reviewed in the next future: Kaelble Hartmut, Kalter Krieg und Wohlfahrtsstaat : Europa 1945 – 1989, München, Beck, 2011; Raphael Lutz, Imperiale Gewalt und mobilisierte Nation : Europa 1914-1945, München, Beck, 2011; Leboutte René, Histoire économique et sociale de la construction européenne, Bruxelles, PIE-Peter Lang, 2008; … []
  2. Frédéric Clavert has written an interesting post on this question entitled Digital natives ou Facebook natives? []

Benoit Majerus

Since January 2011, I am working as an historian at the University of Luxembourg. I have written my PhD on the occupation of Belgium during World War One and World Two. In 2013 I published a social history of psychiatry in the 20th century from below. I am also co-editor of h-madness.

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