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A Survey on the Digital Humanities

Statistics compiled by @melissaterras (UCL Centre for Digital Humanities) - December 2011

Together with 18 other colleagues and Cléo/OpenEdition.org, we launched a survey to map the Digital Humanities in the world, excusez du peu. This project has to be put in a larger context: in autumn 2012 a European Association for Digital Humanities should be launched at the THATCamp Paris. The Digital Humanities are quite a new “thought collective”1. In 2007 the first academic journal – Digital Humanities Quarterly – was founded and since then the community has known a quite vividly extension.

As often when a new scientific field is in the making, the battle for the Deutungshoheit over what is Digital Humanities and who will speak in the name of the Digital Humanists has just started. Several organisations represent the field at he moment: The Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing (ALLC), the Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH), and the Society for Digital Humanities. The European Association for Digital Humanities will be a new player in the field: its main characteristics are its advocacy for open access and multilingualism. Even if I am very new in the field, Humanistica appears as a reaction against DH that seem sometimes dominated by English speaking linguists. One goal of the survey is therefore to discover the extent and diversity, the geographical and linguistic composition of the Digital Humanities.

On Monday, 1 April 2012, more than 280 humanists had already answered out the survey. For those of you who have not yet filled out the survey, click here.

  1. Fleck, Ludwig (1980) Entstehung und Entwicklung einer wissenschaftlichen Tatsache : Einführung in die Lehre von Denkstil und Denkkollektiv (Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp); funny enough the Wikipedia article does not furnish a history of the DH []

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